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Val Marina Hvar Restaurant

You came to the Mediterranean fearing you will be feasting only on fish? Than we have to surprise you because Val Marina will be like a Saturday night spent hanging with your old friend at the local bar. The surroundings of this unique island restaurant are surprisingly unpretentious, with a clean, contemporary interior and an enchanting outdoor patio overlooking the Hvar harbor and its thousands shimmering lights. On warmer nights, outdoor dining is available on request on the rooftop terrace.
The steaks are dry-aged on the premises, and you can't go wrong with any of them. If, for whatever reason someone in your party is not a steak lover and would like to opt for a lighter dinner, the fish of the day is done in minimalist Mediterranean style: lightly seasoned with local herbs and grilled with olive oil.

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Riva Pasta House

Forget spaghetti and meatballs – The Pasta House is all about fresh ingredients and regional influence. Riva Pasta House uses extraordinarily house-made pasta, a few ripe sun drenched local tomatoes and a basil-and-garlic-infused olive oil -- the result being a dish that you can simply not refuse. Dishes such as the pappardelle topped with local pesto made of Aragula and Olive oil and the creamy red tagliatelle with shrimp and salmon sauce are both delicate and hearty. And the best part of it is that you are seated at the best terrace in town, not only is there a buzz within Riva’s surrounding promenade but there’s a general buzz about the place.


Bonj Mediterranean Steak & Seafood Lounge

Enjoy a light beach lunch or a delicious dinner directly at the sea front. Discover unsurpassed ambience amid white stone colonnades paired with signature tastes of the Mediterranean that will make you fall in love with Bonj Steak & Seafood Lounge. True devotion to culinary creations, with a separate day and evening menu include some of the most delectable gastronomic delights you will ever try! Choose from creative signature dishes, delicious salads, original seafood entrees and premium quality meat cuts. 

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