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Croatia and the Mediterranean

Covering nearly 2000 km of coastline, Croatia is the exotic and little known jewel of the Mediterranean. The Dalmatian coast, in particular, is filled with idyllic beaches, rocky coves and busy fishing towns; all on the burgeoning cusp of tourism. Croatia’s contrasting cultures of tradition and modernization combine to create a melting pot of pulsing nightlife amongst ancient Roman ruins.

With almost 2000 islands surrounded by crystal clear waters, Croatia has retained its natural beauty while absorbing the influences from a number of different reigns. The fight for the survival of Croatia’s traditions can still be seen despite the influx of tourism as the country’s popularity as a holiday destination increases. When you decide to visit the Croatian Mediterranean, prepare yourself for astonishing views, riding tortuous narrow roads and idyllic ferry trips. The Croatian islands offer everything from nudist beaches to windsurfing and organic wines to all-night dance parties.

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