Dine and wine

This half-day program will allow you to choose from visiting either two renowned wineries in Jelsa or one in Vrboska and one in Jelsa. Take your pick!

Matijevic wines are a small family winery. All vineyards are in the micro location of Sveta Nedjelja - Jagodna on the south side of island of Hvar. The vineyards are located on a slope of 45 ° and are all cultivated manually without fertilizer.

Pick your very own vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices from an organic, ecological garden! With chef Mario, you will prepare and cook Dalmatian delicacies from appetizers to main courses such as “Hvarska gregada or brudet”. In addition you will make delicious homemade desserts. These cooking classes take place in a secluded olive grove and incorporate local food, domestic recipes, the best wines, olive oil and homemade drinks.

Enjoy wine degustation on the eastern part of the island in a small picturesque town of Sućuraj on the waterfront in a charming tavern. But before, enjoy a trip to a newly planted vineyard to familiarize with autochthone island wine sorts.

We are located conveniently in the centre of Hvar town, in one of its cobble stone streets. Our menus are seasonal and focused on local produce sourced from our fishermen, family-run farms and finest winemakers. Our focus is on the pure Mediterranean dining – the menu has been fully created by the head chef Hrvoje Tomicic.

Did you know that Hvar’s Mediterranean Diet was recently enlisted on in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, and if you want to experience it in the most authentic way possible, then a cooking class in the village of Velo Grablje is hard to beat.

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