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    Will you help us with accommodation?

    Absolutely, we will provide you with easy-to-use online form through which your guests will easily book a room with your special wedding code.


    Will we have discount on accommodation for our guest?

    When organizing your wedding celebration at one of our venues, you and your guests will receive a special wedding discount on our publish rates.


    What can we do on the island in our spare time?

    Your wedding celebration takes place on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, which hides many unveiled natural beauties and authentic island culture. We invite you to relax after all the excitement and rush of the wedding celebration and take a day or two to experience all the benefits of the healing Hvar peace and serenity. Spend a day tasting some of the finest wines in Croatia, made from authentic plavac mali variety, grown in the lush vineyards on the sunny, steep southern slopes of Sveta Nedilja wine region. Enjoy a tasty picnic lunch in a picturesque olive grove which overlooks Stari Grad plain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Embark on a guided tour of Hvar’s most notable historic sites. Sea lovers will certainly enjoy a day of sailing to the island of Vis or to nearby Paklinski Islands archipelago.
    We invite you to browse through our diverse offer of professionally guided excursions, activities and programs at  Our wedding coordinator and hotel concierge will supply more details, pricing and bookings of the program. Make your wedding celebration a truly unique and memorable experience!


    What are the legal requirements for a foreign marriage?

    Your best source of information is the nearest Croatian embassy or consulate. Your government offices abroad can also provide sources of information about laws and regulations in the countries where they are located.


    Is there a spa in Hvar?

    Organising a wedding can be very stressful. We invite you to escape to our luxurious Sensorí spa for some true pampering, that will leave you happy, glowing and stress-free on your wedding day. Our spa treatments integrate the healing properties of the local plants with the traditional remedies of massage and aesthetic care, which will invigorate and restore your senses. So, enjoy a relaxing massage with Hvar-made aromatic oils, a Carita cosmetics facial, specially designed to restore your skin’s luminosity, and a prefect manicure with our OPI nail care cosmetics – you deserve only the best for your wedding day!
    For more information please visit:


    Is there a hair salon in a hotel?

    No, but we will make an appointment for you and your guests in one of local hair salons, which will take care of your make up as well.


    Does Sunčani Hvar assist in legal requirements for church or civil ceremony?

    No, but we will provide you with all contact details needed.


    Do you have a photographer?

    We do not provide an in-house photographer, but can provide a few professional wedding photography studios.


    Do you have a florist?

    No, but we will assist you with all your flower arrangements.


    Do we need wedding planner?

    It is really up to you to decide on this, with regards to your budget and time. If you decide to hire a wedding planner to help you out with legal requirements, we will provide you with contacts of our preferred wedding planner agencies.


    Can we have reception at one venue and wedding dinner at the other?

    Yes, you can have a civil ceremony at one venue and a wedding dinner at the other. We will provide best possible options according to your wishes.


    Can we bring our own wedding cake to the wedding?

    We suggest using the services of our pastry chef. However, if you have special requirements and traditions, we will allow bringing your own wedding cake. All external food must have proper legal permits in line with Croatian Health and Safety regulations.


    Can we bring our own drinks to the wedding?

    Sunčani Hvar corporate policy does not allow bringing drinks to its venues.