Sauna area

Sauna area

Discover 4 different types of saunas located in our Sensori Spa:

✓ Finnish sauna:
The temperatures of the Finnish sauna range from 80 to 100 ° C. The relative low humidity of 20-30% transforms your experience into a pleasant feeling that fully relaxes the muscles and stimulates bodily purification. The wood exudes the perfumes of nature, creating an inner calmness, freeing the mind of all stress.

✓ Steam sauna:
The temperature reaches 50 ° C, however the 100% humidity keeps bodily sweat from evaporating, making you feel much hotter. Due to the high humidity and presence of aromatic essential oils, the steam sauna has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system.

✓ Salt sauna:
The salt sauna is a mild form of sauna with an extremely beneficial effect on the respiratory system. Temperatures range from 60 ° C to 65 ° C with 30% humidity. After the first 15 minutes at 65 ° C, the body begins its detoxification and starts to build resistance, and by further scrubbing the body with natural salts obtained from Pag, the skin is provided with optimal peeling. The warmth of a sauna opens the pores of the skin, allowing easy absorption of beneficial minerals present in salt. For very sensitive and damaged skin.

✓ Infrared sauna: 
Infrared saunas help your body release a number of toxins and use infrared wavelengths of light to heat the body itself, rather than heating the space around it, resulting in more intense sweating - at a lower temperature - 50 degrees Celsius. IR rays also have healing benefits and are not comparable with UV rays. IR saunas are recommended primarily to those who are sensitive to high temperatures and who want to strengthen the immune system.


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