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Touch has a profound effect on the psyche, helping it to deeply relax. Massages are offered in the privacy of an individual treatment room or on the Sensori spa terraces in a private cabana overlooking the sea.

Scents of hvar massages

Indigenous Hvar botanical essences and oils are combined with the nurturing power of touch. Choose from a selection of specially blended oils to relax, invigorate or detoxify.

scents of hvar classic massage - 50 minute or 75 minutes
A Swedish full body massage which utilizes long, comforting strokes to provide relaxation, improve circulation and ease muscular tension.

scents of hvar tense release massage - 50 minutes or 75 minutes 
This massage technique focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to release chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure on the concerned areas.

seaside rocks hot stone massage - 75 minutes 
Warm stones melt away signs of tension and tightness from sore muscles. The skilled hands of our stone specialists knead and massage the body with these relaxing, yet energizing, stones. 

scents of hvar exfoliation with massage - 50 minutes or 75 minutes 
Invigorating salt scrub combined with essential oils of Hvar is used to boost the circulation and remove dead skin cells, revealing radiant and glowing skin. After the exfoliation, relax with your choice of partial or full body massage.


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