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Examples of services provided include fly boarding, banana boats, water beds, water-skiing, wakeboarding, inner tube, SUP paddling. If you have any specific additional requests, contact us and we will endeavor to make it happen.

- Jet sky

Your jet ski adventure begins with a speedboat transfer from our base pier in front of Hotel Amfora, from where you will be transferred to the designated area. PLEASE NOTE that jet skis cannot be driven anywhere at well, but only in a designated territory south of the Paklinski Islands. Jet skis can NOT be driven close to Hvar Town or through the Paklinski Islands themselves. This is illegal, despite what you may hear from less scrupulous providers, and if caught, you will be fined.

Each jet ski can accommodate two persons, and for additional fun, when not rent two or three with friends and surf the waves together?

- Fly board

Fly board is a water jet pack that is attached to Your feet! Surf the sky! Swim like a dolphin! This awesome jetpack like device bolts onto the powerful motor of a jet ski, then directs the gushing water through a long hose that connects to a pair of jet boots. The arrangement lets You fly, Iron Man style! Fly board is an amphibious water-powered jet pack that propels You into the sky or underwater!


For more complete and authentic experiences of Hvar book one of our diverse Hvar Experience programs at or call us at +385 (0) 21 750 208

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