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Hvar in one day

If you have just one day to see Hvar, this tours will help you get the most out of your visit and show you a glimpse of the island’s aesthetic, gastronomic and architectural highlights.

- Adventure

Biking tour: Hidden villages - BBQ lunch - Wine tasting
A cycling vacation in Europe is sure to capture your heart as you take time to indulge in a slower paced lifestyle, and what better place to choose than an island still ready to be discovered? This biking tour includes a beautiful BBQ lunch in a picturesque ancient village and amazing wine tast¬ing in one of the best wineries on the Adriatic Sea. On your way you will be visiting old hidden villages embedded in olive groves - this picturesque agriculture area has been described many times as a "small Tuscany".
The tour has two starting points: from Hvar town, where you'll experience a 6 km long climb after which you will reach Brusje or a car transfer from Hvar town to Brusje and start from there cycling onwards to Vrisnik following the North side of the island and witness¬ing the amazing views. Passing by blossoming lavender fields on stone terraces. On our route we will be passing by ancient villages such as Dol, Vrbanj and Svirče.
Once we have reached our goal - the picturesque old village of Vrisnik - we will take a small hike to visit some olive groves where you will have a chance to experience olive oil tasting, followed by an amazing BBQ lunch. After lunch (and some time relaxing) we will cycle to Jelsa, where you will visit the wine cel-lars of Tomić, one of the best wineries on the Dalmatian coast. After, we will take a very nice cycle along the beautiful coastal road to Vrbovska - a wonderful, small fishermens village - where you will have a chance to take part in some more wine tasting. Here our tour ends, and a transfer car will take you back to Hvar town.
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- Romance

Hvar Island Culinary Picnic
Our island culinary picnic takes place at the olive oil grove house of one of the best olive oil producers in Croatia, Borivoj Bojanic's Olive Oil Hvar. The extra virgin olive oil here is known as island green gold, and it's famed for its subtle flavour and distinct piquant taste. All of the herbs and vegetables used in the preparation of your meal are just as special. Each is planted and cultivated on sustainable and environmentally responsible principles. And the setting for our picnic couldn't be more perfect - an amazing view over Hvar's 2234 years old Ager field, the oldest preserved agriculture plain in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage site. What a perfect afternoon - enjoying island life, cuisine, unspoiled nature and a fabulous host! Our Culinary Picnic is not just great for families and groups, but if you want to surprise your beloved on with romantic place for dinner, or want to have unique celebration place for birthday or anniversary lunch dinner on Hvar we can arrange a private affair. Just tell us what you'd like - from special decorations to custom birthday cakes - and we'll make it happen!
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- Gastronomy

Hvar Cooking Class
With the Hvar traditional cooking class you will step into the word of secrets of the most simple Mediteranean cuisine, its flavors and tricks. Your host Berti will host you at the Hvar's abandoned village of Malo Grablje, which was left "to the ravages of time" in 1950's when the last resident, pushed by the golden tourism rush went to a coastal village Milna and where majority of Malo Grablje residents are now living.
Annoyed by the rush, crowd and noise in Milna and nearby Hvar Town especially during it's high tourism season periods, Mr.Berti Tudor decided to get back to its roots. He restored what could be restored from his family house property to a old break oven, kitchen, old cellar and opened a small family restaurant with just 5 tables offering simple traditional meals prepared mostly by the ingredients that a found in the surrounding area of Malo Grablje. Such is the case for example with the boar or quails which Berti as experienced hunter catches and always has prepeared in marinade.
Berti is a true "Hvar islander" that lives only out of the things that he produces from wine to olive oil and lavender essential oils to rosemary and typical Mediterranean herbs…
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- Sightseeing

Hvar Island Sightseeing Tour
This is a wonderful way to experience the beauties of Hvar with a coach and licensed professional guide. All of the towns below are included in this island sightseeing tour.
Stari Grad, formerly known as Pharia and Pharos, is one of the oldest settlements on the island and is in fact the city after which the island was named (Hvar being a derivative of Pharia and Pharos). With roots reaching back to Greek antiquity, the town is adorned with white stone houses and has an atmosphere so special that throughout the years many of Stari Grad’s visitors have become its permanent residents.
Vrboska is known as Little Venice of Hvar island, appropriately named for the many small bridges that connect the city over its narrow, winding fjord, Vrboska is the smallest town on Hvar and is wondrously endowed with charm. Here you’ll enjoy an inspiring stroll through the city and visit several old churches with some of the largest art collections on the Adriatic coast.
Jelsa is one of the largest towns on the island. Enjoy morning coffee in St. John’s square, a beautiful square tracing its roots back to the renaissance-baroque era. We also recommend visiting the square’s small octagonal church, which dates back to the later part of the 17th century.
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