Suncani Hvar Hotels

Suncani Hvar Hotels, as part of CPI Group, is committed to ethical and responsible business practices and supports initiatives that build relationships with the local community in which we operate.

Suncani Hvar Hotels would like to grow in the environment of service through volunteerism, philanthropy, engagement with community causes and diversity.

Following is a representation of these initiatives:

SHH celebrates and seeks diversity in all aspects of its business. We are reaching out with programs in business development, employment, vendor sourcing, philanthropy and marketing to insure that our business operations reflect the diverse community of the world in which we operate. SHH operates with a stated diversity and inclusion policy which guides the conduct of employees and managers pertaining to issues of diversity.
All forms of discrimination, based on nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, social or regional origin or on any other ground, are unacceptable. Every person is equally important member of our team, every guest is equally appreciated.
We encourage and cultivate diversity!

Community engagement
Individual hotel properties within the SHH family are encouraged to engage with community organizations through partnerships, volunteerism and donations. In pursuing the company's mission, these community-based relationships are particularly valued.

Support of educational institutions is a foundational component of SHH corporate responsibility commitment. The agreements with the secondary schools for hospitality and colleges clearly express the company’s dedication and motivation in this respect.

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