Suncani Hvar Hotels

Why choose shh?

Hvar is the sunniest island on the Adriatic
The city of Hvar is a unique fusion of luxurious Mediterranean nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, and mundane, tourist present. It is situated in picturesque nature, facing the southern, side of the world that has given it all Mediterranean attraction and cheerfulness; facing sea, that gave it splendid and repeatable history, Hvar is an inexhaustible treasury of the scenery, atmosphere and adventure. Today, it is centre of island’s tourism and one of the favourite destinations in Dalmatian riviera - a town of smiling and courteous people, who are almost only dedicated to tourism.

Our employees are our greatest asset!
At Suncani Hvar Hotels we currently employ around 200 permanent employees and during high season they are supported by almost 500 seasonal employees. The employees work in 9 hotels, an auto camp and an office building where the central service is located. Every hotel has its general manager who is responsible for the entire staff and facility. He supports his team of managers and they lead their supervisors and other employees. At SHH, we consider our employees the greatest value this company has. Therefore, benefits arising from mutually useful relationship are plenty.

SHH sunsational spirit
In SHH we believe that attitude counts as much as skill. Therefore, we hire motivated people. We train them to perform their jobs superbly, and we create an environment where they can flourish.

Hvar – the hot spot
Hvar is Croatia’s most exclusive summer destination. In the peak of the season there are numerous opportunities to be a part of the celebrity glamour. Enjoy in seeing or serving some of the most popular people on the planet. Admire beautiful Eva Longoria or Beyonce, party with Prince Harry, take a photo with Tom Cruise, check if you’re taller than Wladimir Klitschko or try to catch Michael Schumacher. No matter when you find yourself in Hvar, you will be starstruck.

As a member of SHH team, you are entitled to enjoy these benefits:
• hospitality industry competitive salary
• development programs (opportunity to plan your career with our HR experts)
• corporate, benchmark and local training programs
• insurance package
• accommodation and meals
• bonuses and incentives

Join us for the hospitality career of a lifetime.
SHH can offer an opportunity to build a lifelong career and a real sense of pride and honor in work well done. For these reasons, we are also very proud of building a strong core of experienced employees who will take the responsibility of passing on our philosophy and standards to new employees in all our properties.

If you’re looking for a job under the sun, let us know at or phone number 021 750 045.

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