Experience Hvar

Sensori glow steam treatment - 30 minutes
Throughout time, water has been used to cleanse the body and clear the mind. Sensori follows this ancient tradition of physical and spiritual cleansing with an aroma-steam ritual in our signature steamroom. The sequenced glow ritual can accommodate up to four guests at a time and is recommended as a preparation for further treatments.

  • exfoliation bar - apply Sensori's moisturizing sea-derived granules to the body to open the pores and buff away the ravages of our world
  • rainfall shower - let water rinse away impurities and worries in our luxurious showers
  • aroma steambath - deeply inhale the select aroma of the day while your body begins its purification, relaxation and renewal
  • refreshing rinse - a second rinse in the rainfall shower cools the body and clears the mind
  • aroma mist - spray a cool hydrosol from tip to toe to immerse into a world of the senses
  • rest - relax in our lounge or poolside with a cup of Hvar tea

healing sea mud wrap - 75 minutes
For tight muscles, joints and tendons, an intensely active marine mud from the Croatian coast will soothe sore tissues, while toxins are drawn out from deep within. This treatment leaves your body detoxified, remineralized and fully oxygenated. Awake from relaxation to a refreshing shower, followed by an aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage to melt away any signs of tension and stress.

Sensorí citrus body boost - 60 minutes
This citrus-based treatment is designed to purify the skin and stimulate the circulation. A special blend of essential oils and remineralising salts are applied while you receive a relaxing scalp massage. This moisturizing scrub is infused with endorphin-releasing essential oils to revitalize
the skin and senses. It concludes with a relaxing rainfall affusion shower.

olive leaf and sea salt polish - 60 minutes
An invigorating exfoliation using ground olive leaves, pure Adriatic sea salt and essential oils, this treatment refines and nourishes the skin. It begins with a relaxing rainfall affusion and concludes with a nourishing mist and hydrating body cream application leaving the skin renewed, healthy and glowing. 

rainfall affusion - 30 minutes
This Vichy shower provides a stimulating hydrotherapeutic massage through five multi-purpose showerheads. This unique, rain-like shower alternates pressure and temperature over the reflex pathways of the body increasing circulation and relaxation. This can be added on to any body treatment. 

cooling aloe sunburn relief - 30 minutes
Soothe sun burned skin with this cooling, healing aloe gel wrap meant to take the heat out of overexposed skin and rehydrate the system.

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