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Friday, June 23 2017

Eva LaRue, actress & brand ambassador of Stories Hotels at Hotel Adriana

This week we welcomed actress Eva LaRue to Adriana, hvar spa hotel. Now, not only famous for her acting career as Natalia Boa Vista in CSI Miami but also for being the Brand Ambassador for Stories Hotels, an association of Croatian Unique Hotels which features our Hotel Adriana.

The idea of Stories is to represent hotels which offer authentic experiences through unique heritage or concepts, excellent locations, immaculate design, and a highly-personalized service. We were happy to host Eva on her 3-day trip to Hvar.

From Hvar’s best beaches Bonj ‘les bains’ to stunning sights from Španjola fortress and from Hvar’s famous small cobble stone streets to delicious gastronomical delights we were able to give Eva and her daughter a taste of Hvar and all it has to offer. However, we concluded it would be best if she would visit us for a longer period on her next journey to Croatia, which we dearly look forward to! :-)

Here is what she had to say about her experience at Hotel Adriana and the beautiful city of Hvar.

SHH: What impressed you most in Hotel Adriana?

Eva: Hospitality is “off the chart”, all of the staff is great. Also, when people say location, location, location, this exactly what you have. The breakfast is also amazing and not to mention it comes with a view.

SHH: What are some of the greatest highlights your experienced in Hvar?

Eva: The view from the fortress is as my daughter would say “dope”. Just amazing. I also loved the jewelry stores; I definitely need to go back to buy those traditional round Croatian earrings.

SHH: We saw you were at Bonj yesterday; how did you like it?

Eva: Lovely. The sea water is so crystal clear. We relaxed, read and jumped in the water. Later we had a massage. The food was great too, we were brought a very artistic platter.

SHH: What do the Stories Hotels have that makes them stand out from others?

Eva: It is all about the STORY. When you are travelling you end up with the story and you retell it to your family and friends. And a brand that has a story, has an impact. History sites and culture is what all hotels have in common. Adriana, hvar spa hotel has the best possible view; it is perfectly perched, overlooking Hvar history.

SHH: Will you be coming back to Hvar and hotel Adriana soon?

Eva: Next year for sure!

SHH: Where are you travelling next?

Eva: Next stop is Split, then Dubrovnik, Korčula and lastly Zadar. We will be staying at overall 5 Stories Hotels, but we will see a total of 8.

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