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Hvar Experience - incentive themes

Our objective is to provide our guests with a complete and authentic experience of all this beautiful island and region have to offer. For this reason, we have created Hvar Experience – a diverse array of professionally guided excursions, activities and programmes. Enjoy a stellar day of wine tasting in the vineyards of Hvar or join the locals for historic celebrations and traditions. Below you will find a sample of programmes available. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience the natural beauty, culture and magic of this unique destination!

Sightseeing activities
Hvar town special tour
Take the opportunity to explore the most notable, culturally rich and happening spots in Hvar town. Discover the historical legacy of Hvar step by step and listen to the stories of the town citadel, the medieval walls, the monasteries and the palaces. Visit the Benedictine nuns who live in a secluded convent and whose existence is only visible to the public through their handmade agave lace patterns, unique works of art. A stroll through Hvar's picturesque streets reveals centuries of Dalmatian architecture.

Discover the island
A wonderful way to experience the beauties of Hvar with a private car, your own professional driver and licensed professional guide. All of the towns below are included in this sightseeing tour.
Stari Grad
Stari Grad, formerly known as Pharia and Pharos, is one of the oldest settlements on the island and is in fact the city after which the island was named (Hvar being a derivative of Pharia and Pharos). With roots reaching back to Greek antiquity, the town is adorned with white stone houses and has an atmosphere so special that throughout the years many of Stari Grad's visitors have become its permanent residents.
Known as Little Venice of Hvar island, appropriately named for the many small bridges that connect the city over its narrow, winding fjord, Vrboska is the smallest town on Hvar and is wondrously endowed with charm. Here you'll enjoy an inspiringstroll through the city and visit several old churches with some of the largest art collections on the Adriatic coast.
Jelsa, Pitve
Jelsa is one of the largest towns on the island. Enjoy morning coffee in St. John's square, a beautiful square tracing its roots back to the renaissance-baroque era. We also recommend visiting the square's small octagonal church, which dates back to the later part of the 17th century. On this trip you'll also enjoy visiting Pitve, one of the island's quaint villages. Have some grappa or a glass of the local wine at one of the cellars. Meander through the narrow streets and enjoy the charm of this
traditional town.

Painting groups
You do not have to be a classically trained master to enjoy painting. Relaxing and engaging, this activity encourages individual as well as collective creativity. All members of the group are given the same motif or theme to focus on; something related to their work, such as the company's logo or a new product that is being developed. The process and results often illuminate interesting perspectives and
generate new ideas.

Explore Hvar!
Sea kayaking – Paklinski Islands
Exploring the Paklinski Islands one cove at a time will make you believe that surprises are waiting around every corner, both above and beneath the surface!

Paklinski Islands treasure hunt
Every cove is a microcosm, a wonder of nature, a story in itself. This kayaking adventure is ideal for groups and team buildings.
Enjoy the thrill of discovery and the pristine nature of Hvar's archipelago as you follow the clues to the hidden treasure chest. Guests divide into smaller groups, get directions to the first clue, and embark on a race of discovery that will take them across several of the breathtaking Paklinski Islands. The first group to find the hidden treasure wins. This dynamic activity employs cooperative problem solving and navigation skills, making it an excellent team-building opportunity.

Island jeep safari
From hidden coves on the coast to lush vineyards in the heart of the island, let us take you on a jeep safari packed with an exciting array of spectacular landscapes and azure vistas. We'll also take you all the way to the highest point of Hvar, St. Nikola's peak, whose awe-inspiring view encompasses Paklinski Islands archipelago and nearby islands of Vis and Korèula.

Tastes of Hvar!
Island culinary picnic
Our island culinary picnic takes place at the olive oil grove house of one of the best olive oil producers in Croatia. The extra virgin here is known as island green gold,and it's famed for its subtle flavour and distinct piquant taste. All of the herbs and vegetables used in the preparation of your meal are just as special. Each is planted and cultivated on sustainable and environmentally responsible principles. And the setting for our picnic couldn't be more perfect-an amazing view of Hvar's over two thousand years old Ager field, the oldest preserved agriculture plain in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site. What a perfect afternoon - enjoying island life, cuisine, unspoiled nature and fabulous hosts!

Wine tasting
Meet the winemaker whose wines have been called a benchmark for the future millennium by the respected wine magazine 'La Revue du vin de France''. Taste wines from Croatia's first and only eco-winery, from specially monitored vineyards in the southern hills of Hvar that won both the Paris World Wine Contest and Decanter World Wine Awards in London. Meet Croatia's leading ''garage“ winemaker and taste wines which are now one of the finest in Croatia. Find out what it's like to try ''2718 hours of sun in the bottle''. Come with us to the highest peak on the island and take in the magical view of Hvar's most lush vineyards. Discover the secrets of plavac mali grape variety, enjoy local brandy infused with local aromatic herbs - taste the true flavours of Hvar island!