Event Dinner Venues

Sunčani Hvar Hotels' exceptional dining venues

Sunčani Hvar Hotels is pleased to offer an abundance of exciting dining and
entertaining venues. Everything is possible, from authentic experiences to chic
contemporary venues: Sunčani Hvar Hotels offers a variety of food and beverage
outlets, most within walking distance from one another. We aim to cater to all your
clients' needs.

'Hvar boasts an abundance of sunshine and it is this very trait we at Sunčani Hvar Hotels thrive
on. Local farmers provide us with organic produce, which is ripened by the endless days of
sunshine. Our goal is to do as little as possible to the products in order to retain the natural
flavours and aromas. Our commitment to our guests is unending so you can sit back, relax, and
allow us to take care of you and your guests' every need.'

Culinary team
Sunčani Hvar Hotels

Terrace ballroom and panoramic terrace
The sheer size and grandeur of Amfora's Terrace ballroom offers spectacular
opportunities for organizing events. Floor-to-ceiling windows in the ballroom will
lend your celebration a panoramic view of the Adriatic sea and the Paklinski Islands.
You and your guests will also enjoy the ballroom's spacious outdoor terrace, which
overlooks Amfora's spectacular cascading pool area.
Cascades restaurant & bar
Located at Amfora resort's spectacular pool area, Cascades is a two-level restaurant
and bar with spectacular views commanding over the cascading pool and
Mediterranean gardens of Amfora down to the azure sea of the Adriatic. At pool
level, Cascades houses a chic bar for efficient poolside service, while the top level
features a stunning sail-covered terrace for romantic dinners and quiet seaside

Bonj 'les bains', luxury palm beach club
From black-tie gala dinners to summer-casual all-white cocktail, smooth white stone
columns of Bonj go just as well with tuxedos as they do with linen slacks. This 1930s
shore colonnade turned private luxury beach club lends its unsurpassed waterfront
ambiance and unique architecture for stand-up soirees of more than 200 people or
seated events of up to 60 participants.

Maestral, yacht deck restaurant
Maestral offers the finest aspects of a traditional Dalmatian konoba (tavern) and sets
them in an unsurpassed bayside ambiance. Here you'll savour Dalmatia's grilled
specialties and fine wines in a romantic atmosphere accentuated by teak wood, linen
veils, torches and candlelight.

Butchery&Wine restaurant
The energetic atmosphere at hotel Adriana's marina-front terrace restaurant and bar
offers outstanding opportunities for elegant dining for up to 80 participants.

The Top bar and the pool
With a wrap-around view of the ancient town, yacht harbour, bay and Paklinski
Islands, the feeling from hotel Adriana's rooftop is simply exquisite. The Top, Hvar's
premiere lounge and bar, offers outstanding possibilities for parties and events of up
to 150 participants.

BB Club waterfront terrace
One of the hottest bars in Hvar is distinguished by its zen-garden-meets-penthouse-
suite design and jet-set vibe. This, coupled with its own slice of hotel Riva's spacious
terrace, makes the BB Club an excellent choice for professional mixers, cocktails
parties and receptions. From fashion shows to gala dinners and cocktail receptions
for up to 200 participants, Riva's exceptional yacht-harbour ambiance and haute
design transform every occasion into 'the event of the year'.

Venetian terrace San Marco
Possibly the most grandiose in the Adriatic, this beautifully ornamented terrace
hovers over the main square and yacht harbour with Renaissance charm and
elegance. Imagine sophisticated dining by candlelight on Palace's historic terrace for
up to 150 participants.

Uniquely Hvar event venues

As an island blessed with ten centuries of incredible architecture, Hvar offers a 

number of opportunities to host special engagements amid the magical atmosphere
of some of its historic sites. All of these venues are sure to create unforgettable
experiences. Whichever you choose, Sunčani Hvar Hotels will help you every step of
the way. From logistics and technical equipment to catering and entertainment, we
can organize every detail of your function. What follows are brief descriptions of
some of the extraordinary indoor and outdoor spaces available:

Španjola, historical fortress
Perched on a hill high above Hvar town, the fortress is a magnificent labyrinth of
halls, terraces, and passageways that grant awe-inspiring vantages. Choose from a
selection of outdoor terraces for up to 1500 people with a capacity of 100 and 200
people respectively, as well as a rustic restaurant, which provides an intimate,
fireside-dining atmosphere for up to 40 people.

The Arsenal
The Arsenal building on the Hvar town main square is one of the most monumental
historic buildings in Dalmatia and one of the most important monuments to the
island's maritime past, whose original purpose was housing and repairing ships.
Construction began as early as the 14th century, but was finished in the early 17th
century. This historical venue is suitable for gala events for up to 300 participants.

Take your party or team across the bay to the petite island of Galešnik. Surround
yourself with lush greenery, feast on fresh fish roasted over an open-air grill, and
relax while getting an island's-eye view of Hvar. Galešnik has an indoor hall that
accommodates up to 50 people for lunch or dinner as well as an outdoor area for up
to 150 guests.

The Franciscan monastery
Situated in a cove in the southern part of Hvar town, this 15th century monastery
boasts a majestic garden, perhaps the most beautiful on the entire island. The
monastery's artefacts, garden, and walls radiate goodwill and create a gracious
atmosphere. There is a small hall suitable for elegant lunches and dinners for up to
40 people as well as an intimate terrace suitable for lunch, dinner, and

Palmižana (Paklinski Islands)
Palmižana is a spacious cove and shallow sandy beach situated on the island of St.
Clement in the Paklinski Islands archipelago. Characterized by a lush pine forest,
fragrant rosemary shrubs and an extraordinary variety of exotic trees and plant life,
the island itself is a virtual arboretum. These surroundings make Palmižana an
incredibly inviting outdoor venue for parties, lunches and dinners of up to 220