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Coupon Club

Coupon Club

Sunčani Hvar Coupon Club has been established as a unique service in Croatia, with the aim of offering more possibilities to our guests, by introducing them a new concept with more value. Coupons are in fact credit on your room key card which can be used in any of the Sunčani Hvar Hotels restaurants, bars or spa. Get your coupon at the front desk or ask your receptionist for more details. Coupons are also available online. Use the benefits of this excusive offer and get the most out of your holiday!

Your key card gives you more at our restaurants, bars and spa!

Get 30€ credit for only 25€!
Get 50€ credit for only 40€!
Get 75€ credit for only 60€!
Get 105€ credit for only 80€!

How does it work?

Choose one of four value coupon options, get it online or at the reception desk
Your receptionist will charge your key card with the selected amount (if you buy coupon at the hotel)
Your key card then becomes a credit card with 30/50/75/105 € value
Use your key card in any of Sunčani Hvar restaurants and bars (see the whole list here)
Use your key card to pay for you dinner/lunch/drink
You can pay your coupon either in advance or at the check-out

It is not possible to purchase coupons on the day of check-out.
Coupons are non-refundable.