Enjoy your piece of Thailand in Hvar

The technique of traditional Thai massage was developed 2500 years ago in northern India. It has been applied in folk medicine for centuries in Buddhist temples with its tradition passed on orally.

Thai massage is based on 10 major energy channels, Sen Sib and 72.000 other energy channels, all of which are important life energy vessels. These channels are located two fingers below the skin surface, and they extend through the entire body. The aim of traditional Thai massage techniques is to eliminate all energy blockages from these channels.

All in one - this technique uses the knowledge of Ayurveda, (Indian yoga), Chinese acupressure, Chiropractic and Japanese shiatsu massage.

The positive effects of this massage are further complemented by selected essential oils and extracts from Thai herbs, fruits and flowers.
Boost your immune system and feel like royalty
Thai massage helps release the blockages and stimulates the flow of life energy, which establishes the balance of body, mind and spirit.
Thai massage improves your circulatory system through better blood and lymph circulation and reduced heart rate. It reduces the edema caused by slow lymph flow and releases toxins from the body. In addition, tendons and muscles are relaxed, joints are unlimbered and the whole body is more flexible. A superior nervous and digestive system is stimulated and more active.

Modern variations of traditional Thai massage reduce mental and physical stress, relax the body and ease muscle problems caused by increased physical effort. They also reduce chronic pain problems, balance functioning of the entire body and help against cellulite.